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Tijuana trip report (May 1-2)

I appreciate all the feedback I got last month in the "Tips on Tijuana?" thread (found here:( ) .

I did end up spending a couple of days in TJ and had a good time. Semi-trip report and a bunch of other thoughts (organized by the numbered questions I had in the previous thread). (I posted this reply in the previous thread earlier today but the reply ended up being so long I also turned it into a separate thread here. Can delete this or delete the other post if the duplicate is inappropriate):

  1. I did end up getting a little bit lost when trying to walk from the old border to Avenida Revolucion LOL. (I attempted the walk in the early afternoon on a Wednesday.) So at least for me the walk wasn't as straightforward as it was made out to be in this thread. After crossing the border walked out to the street, turned right and walked up a hill on some pedestrian path that essentially took me to the new border area. At that point I was unsure where to go but from what I recall I followed some blue sign which indicated the direction to walk in to get to "Avenida Revolucion". I walked for a little bit which put me on a street which I believe (per some Google Maps research I've just done) was Avenida de la Amistad. I walked up that street a bit and to my left there was a commercial plaza area with another blue directional sign which I didn't get close enough to read but which I *think* would have guided me in the correct direction (per some Google research just now I *think* this plaza is called Plaza Viva Tijuana but again I'm not 100% certain). Instead of walking though the plaza I decided to ask some young kid (late teens/early 20s) if he could point me in the correct direction for Avenida Revolucion. The kid spoke very limited, broken English but he was indicating that instead of walking though the Plaza I should keep walking a little further down the Amistad street and he kept repeatedly saying "puente" which I didn't know what he meant at the time (though I now understand that he meant "bridge" LOL). About 30 seconds of talking to this kid passes and luckily some older Mexican guy (who was more fluent in English) randomly walks by, notices the communication issue, and asks if I needed assistance. He tells me I could walk through the Plaza to get to Revolucion but his advice (similar to the kid's) was to walk up the street, turn left, and cross the "bridge" to get there. So I walk up one or two blocks, turn left, and see a bridge that was intended primarily for cars but had narrow walkways on the side (the walkways were so narrow you can only walk single file). (Per Google Maps research, I believe the street the bridge was on is called Avenida Alberto Aldrete.) I didn't see any pedestrian bridges in the distance so I figured this car bridge was the bridge they were referring to. Walked over the bridge. I'm not a fan of heights and am not a fan of cars whizzing by at close distance (again, the walkways were very narrow though there were a handful of other people walking across in both directions) so this was not a pleasant experience LOL. About halfway across the bridge I look out in the distance to my left and see a pedestrian bridge which I think was the bridge I was supposed to have walked over LOL. But anyway - after getting across the bridge it was a pretty straightforward walk up to the Revolucion area. But in my opinion - unless you already know the route - the walk from the border isn't as straighforward as it was made out to be here. But I think I'll at least have a much easier time of it the next time I try.
  2. Didn't really need a formal "walking tour" - sticking close to Revolucion and checking out the various sites in and around that street more than sufficed. Was able to walk up and down Revolucion without getting lost LOL. Started at the Tijuana Arch/Plaza Santa Celia. Checked out a bunch of interesting shops there and further down Revolucion. I guess what stood out to me is most of those shops are selling pretty much the exact same stuff. Only ended up buying one thing - a handcrafted New Orleans Saints backpack made out of wool (or whatever the material is they make ponchos out of). Bought that for $15 USD which seemed like a decent deal. The vendors that run those shops are aggressive/persistent but are generally friendly. Also checked out a handful of breweries (Mamut Brewery, Norte Brewing, Border Psycho, etc.) and the couple of casinos they have on Revolucion (Caliente Casino, Caliente Jai Alai). Walked all the way down Revolucion and then went one block over to the Tacos El Gordo on Constitucion where I had a quick dinner before walking back to the border. Had a nice time though didn't get a chance to visit the Tijuana Cultural Center or any of the shops in Zona Rio like I planned. Some local girl I was talking to at one of the breweries said she shopped most frequently at two places - Plaza Rio and Plaza Galerias - and recommended I check both places out so I might do that next time.
  3. I didn't find it to be worth it to convert dollars to pesos - was a bit of a hassle and don't think the (slight) savings is worth it for a 1-2 day trip (though that's just my opinion). One of the first things I did once I got to Revolucion was walk to the HSBC bank recommended in this thread. However, there was a notice on the bank door saying the bank was closed for a month (link here: So I asked one of the nearby shop vendors if there was an ATM nearby and she pointed me to the Soriano grocery store which was a block down the street next to a Domino's Pizza. I went in to the grocery store and found a working ATM but the ATM was offering only 17.6 pesos per dollar (which I understood to be low), on top of a 63.85 pesos (~$3.50 USD) ATM fee. But I decided I didn't want to spend half my trip looking for ATMs so said screw it and tried to go through with the transaction. My (USAA) debit card ended up being declined, which is what the USAA rep warned me might happen despite the fact that I let them know ahead of time that I'd be in Mexico. So I abandoned the idea of getting pesos for the moment and went back to shopping with USD$. A couple of hours later when walking to Mamut Brewery I did find a Mexican currency exchange place that was selling pesos for 18.2/dollar. (18.2/dollar I believe was the same or maybe even a slightly higher rate than the rate I noticed at the currency exchange place in San Ysido on the other side of the border.) So I did end up getting only ~60 $USD in pesos there as I'd gotten the sense at that point from shopping around and talking to vendors that I wasn't saving all that much with pesos - a good portion of what you "save" buying in pesos gets eaten up in exchange/ATM fees and given the negotiation culture of most of those shops, it seems you can almost always negotiate the price in American dollars down a little bit to what you would've paid in pesos anyway. A bit later I did come across a working HSBC ATM near Norte Brewing that offered 19.2 pesos/dollar which was by far the best exchange rate I'd noticed. But I did also notice that a lot of ATMs up and down Revolucion were non-operating or not working.
  4. Ended up taking a day trip to Los Angeles so didn't get a chance to take the collectivo to Rosarito. But I saw where the pickup spot was and saw similar small shuttles/vans by the (old) border when first crossing so I wonder if any of those vans by the border also make their way to Rosarito.
  5. On two different days parked my car for free in the lot at the Palomar Street trolley station. Had no issues here - lighted station with some security so ended up being a good option. Had a hotel in TJ but crossed back over to San Diego both days so my car was never in the lot over the 24-hour limit.
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Solution Manual for Management Control Systems 4th Edition by Kenneth Merchant

Solution Manual for Management Control Systems 4th Edition by Kenneth Merchant
Table of Contents
Section i The control Function of management
1 Management and Control
Management and control Causes of management control problems Characteristics of good management control Control problem avoidance Control alternatives Outline of this text Notes Leo’s Four-Plex Theater Wong’s Pharmacy Private Fitness, Inc. Atlanta Home Loan
Section ii Management control alternatives and their effects
2 Results Controls
Prevalence of results controls Results controls and the control problems Elements of results controls Conditions determining the effectiveness of results controls Conclusion Notes Offi ce Solutions, Inc. Puente Hills Toyota Kooistra Autogroep Houston Fearless 76, Inc.
3 Action, Personnel, and Cultural Controls
Action controls Action controls and the control problems Prevention vs. detection 92 Conditions determining the effectiveness of action controls Personnel controls Cultural controls Personnel/cultural controls and the control problems Effectiveness of Personnel/cultural controls conclusion Notes Witsky and Associates, Inc. The Platinum Pointe Land Deal EyeOn Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Axeon N.V.
4 Control System Tightness
Tight results control Tight action controls Tight personnel/cultural controls Conclusion Notes Controls at the Bellagio Casino Resort Lincoln Electric: Venturing Abroad PCL: A Breakdown in the Enforcement of Management Control
5 Control System Costs
Direct costs Indirect costs Adaptation costs Conclusion Notes Philip Anderson Sunshine Fashion: Fraud, Theft, and Misbehavior among Employees Better Beauty, Inc. Fit Food, Inc. Atlantis Chemical Industries
6 Designing and Evaluating
Management Control Systems What is desired and what is likely Choice of controls Choice of control tightness Adapting to change Keeping a behavioral focus Maintaining good control Notes Diagnostic Products Corporation Game Shop, Inc. Family Care Specialists Medical Group, Inc. AirTex Aviation
Section III Financial Results Control Systems
7 Financial Responsibility Centers
Advantages of financial results control systems Types of financial responsibility centers Choice of financial responsibility centers The transfer pricing problem Conclusion Notes Kranworth Chair Corporation Zumwald AG Global Investors, Inc.
8 Planning and Budgeting
Purposes of planning and budgeting Planning cycles Target setting Planning and budgeting practices, and criticisms Conclusion Notes Citibank Indonesia HCC Industries Royal Wessanen NV Multiple Versions of the Plan Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation VisuSon, Inc.: Business Stress Testing
9 Incentive Systems
Purposes of incentives Monetary incentives Incentive system design Criteria for evaluating incentive systems Group rewards Conclusion Notes Harwood Medical Instruments PLC Superconductor Technologies, Inc. Raven Capital, LLC
Section IV Performance Measurement Issues and their Effects
10 Financial Performance Measures and their Effects
Value creation Market measures of performance Accounting measures of performance Investment and operating myopia Return-on-investment measures of performance Residual income measures as a possible solution to the ROI measurement problems Conclusion Notes Behavioral Implications of Airline Depreciation Accounting Policy Choices Las Ferreterías de México, S.A. de C.V. Industrial Electronics, Inc. Haengbok Bancorp Corbridge Industries, Inc. King Engineering Group, Inc. Berkshire Industries PLC
11 Remedies to the Myopia Problem
Pressures to act myopically Reduce pressures for short-term profit Control investments with preaction reviews Extend the measurement horizon (use long-term incentives) Measure changes in value directly Improve the accounting measures Measure a set of value drivers Conclusion Notes Catalytic Solutions, Inc. Dortmunder-Koppel GmbH Johansen’s: The New Scorecard System Mainfreight Statoil
12 Using Financial Results Controls in the Presence of Uncontrollable Factors
The controllability principle Types of uncontrollable factors Controlling for the distorting effects of uncontrollables Other uncontrollable factor issues Conclusion Notes Olympic Car Wash Beifang Chuang Ye Vehicle Group Hoffman Discount Drugs, Inc. The Stimson Company Bank of the Desert (A) Bank of the Desert (B) Fine Harvest Restaurant Group (A) Fine Harvest Restaurant Group (B)
Section V Corporate Governance, Important Control-Related Roles, and Ethics
13 Corporate Governance and Boards of Directors
Laws and regulations The Sarbanes-Oxley Act Boards of directors Audit committees Compensation committees Conclusion Notes Arrow Motorcar Corporation Golden Parachutes? Pacific Sunwear of California, Inc. Entropic Communications, Inc. Bio/Precise Medical Devices, Inc.
14 Controllers and Auditors
Controllers Auditors Conclusion Notes Don Russell: Experiences of a ControlleCFO Desktop Solutions, Inc. (A): Audit of the St. Louis Branch Desktop Solutions, Inc. (B): Audit of Operations Group Systems Andrew G. Scavell, Chief Risk Officer
15 Management Control-Related Ethical Issues
Good ethical analyses and their importance Why do people behave unethically? Some common management control-related ethical issues Spreading good ethics within an organization Conclusion Notes Two Budget Targets Conservative Accounting in the General Products Division Education Food Services at Central Maine State University The “Sales Acceleration Program” The Expiring Software License Wired, PLC Mean Screens USA, Inc. Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products [email protected]
Section V Management Control when Financial Results are not the Primary Consideration
16 Management Control in Not-for-profit Organizations
Corporations, B corporations, and not-for-profits Key differences between for-profit and not-for-profit organizations Goal ambiguity and conflict Difficulty in measuring and rewarding performance Accounting differences External scrutiny Employee characteristics Conclusion Notes SCI Ontario: Achieving, Measuring, and Communicating Strategic Success University of Southern California: Responsibility Center Management System Amanco: Developing the Sustainability Scorecard
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